BACK into Life Exercise Classes

Go for a walk, take a gym class, what about a round of golf. These are what we want to help you get back to.

If you’re trying to prevent further problems or manage your back better – consider our BACK into Life Classes. The BACK into Life Rehab Program is designed for those suffering with pain and limitations from back pain that are looking for a way to get moving, stronger and more flexible.

Our aim is to help you overcome any fear of movement and pain, returning to normal activities, reduce the amount of medication and maintain your independence.

Why would you want to come to OUR classes

We have over 20 years experience in musculoskeletal rehab, on an everyday basis we see many acute and persistent back pain patients. As part of that rehabilitation process and experience we have learnt the key factors we need to implement to be able get the most out of your classes and importantly get results.

The BACK into life classes focus on four principles; Flexibility and mobility, Stability and strength training , improved cardiovascular capacity and education to get you back to living life.

These classes may be just what your needing if:

  • You’re worried that your back will get worse if you don’t do something about it soon, and will limit your quality of life
  • You’ve so far been given less than satisfactory advice that there’s nothing can be done and its just a matter of age.
  • You experience your back frequently locking, giving out or playing up !
  • You experience back pain when you’ve been sitting or standing for longer than 10 minutes
  • Getting out of bed is a chore
  • You had surgery - but the recovery you were hoping for didn’t eventuate.
  • Your painkillers or anti-inflammatories don’t seem to make a difference.
  • You’ve tried your home exercises but just cant seem to keep doing them.

What do the classes involve

The BACK to Life program consists of 8 classes and require an individual assessment by our physiotherapist prior to starting to fully understand your condition, short and long term goals and identify current levels pre- program. The classes run weekly, you can start at any time and it is suited to all levels of ability and fitness. Importantly it works on the principles of individually progressing exercises within pain limits. Strengthening the main muscle groups including the abdominal and trunk muscles, stretching the main muscle groups and increasing cardiovascular fitness with low impact aerobic exercise.

We understand that getting started with an exercise program can seem challenging, especially when you are starting exercise after an extended period of inactivity or whilst also trying to manage other health conditions. To make this an easy starting point our classes are pay as you go, no need to pay in advance for classes you cant attend. However we do have a strict 2 business days cancellation policy as our numbers are strictly limited to 5 in each class.

Our aims

Through this series of specifically designed exercises, you should notice improved back control and a reduction in everyday back pain. We also educate you with regard to how to look after your spine and reduce the risk of developing back pain. Being supervised will help you correctly perform your individual program exercises. This is a safe way to add movement and exercise so you can get BACK into Life.

If you want to focus on long term relief of your back pain and feel safe that you won't be pushed beyond your limit, our class format is a great way to get you moving - tailored to your individual goals and abilities under close physiotherapist supervision.

For more information, contact us today!!

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