Peroneal Tendinopathy

Peroneal tendinopathy is a type of overuse injury that often occurs in athletes, like long-distance runners and basketball players. Dancers, people who have had ankle sprains, or those who simply have weak ankles are also often affected.

It is characterized by an aching along the outside surface of the ankle that worsens with activity, yet improves with rest. It is an overuse injury, meaning the tendons on the outside of the ankle can become enlarged, thickened, and possibly swollen as they struggle to prevent the foot from rolling in.

A physiotherapist can help relieve symptoms caused by this condition by providing treatments, including stretching and strengthening exercises to help the ankle become more mobile, strong, and stable.

Symptoms of peroneal tendinopathy

  • An aching pain on the outside of the ankle, especially with activity
  • Lateral (outside) ankle pain that decreases with rest
  • Swelling or tenderness to touch behind the ankle bone on the outside of the ankle
  • Pain and weakness when actively moving the foot in an outward direction or when pointing it down
  • Pain when pushing off the ball of the foot during walking or running
  • Pain when walking on a sloped terrain that turns the foot outward
  • Pain when stretching the foot in an inward and downward direction

How our Physiotherapists can help

  • Pain management using therapeutic modalities and appropriate taping techniques
  • Manual therapy to mobilize joints and soft tissues
  • Range of motion and appropriate stretching exercises
  • Strengthening exercises of the ankle, foot and proximal stabilizing muscles.
  • Functional training and sport specific exercises
  • Patient education and prevention using heat moulded orthotics.

All our physios are experienced in treating peroneal tendinopathy with clinical expertise in diagnosing the contributing biomechanical factors that can predispose this debilitating overuse condition

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